Suspended Accounts

Wizer, based in the UAE, functions as a freelance platform, with a focus on local talent and verified service providers. Here's a breakdown of the process for both service seekers and freelancers (service providers):

For Service Seekers:

  1. Browse Services: Search for the service you need through categories, subcategories, or keywords. You can also filter results by location, price range, and provider ratings.
  2. Choose a service provider: Read through freelancer profiles, including their experience, certifications, portfolio, and client reviews. Choose the Wizer that best suits your project requirements and budget.
  3. Post a Project: If you can't find an existing service that matches your needs, you can post a project with its specific requirements and budget. Freelancers can then submit proposals for you to consider.
  4. Discuss and Agree: Communicate with your chosen freelancer to discuss the project details, timeline, and deliverables.Once you agree, proceed to payment through Wizer's secure platform.
  5. Project Completion: Monitor the project progress and provide feedback as needed. The payment will be released to an escrow account, from there it will be released to the provider when the project is marked completed by the seeker.

For Service Providers:

  1. Create a Profile: Showcase your skills, experience, certifications, and portfolio to attract clients. Be sure to highlight your relevant expertise and achievements.
  2. Browse Projects: Search for projects that match your skills and interests. Respond to project postings with competitive proposals outlining your approach and pricing.
  3. Communicate with Clients: If a client chooses you, discuss the project details, negotiate rates, and agree on terms through the Chats.
  4. Complete the Project: Deliver high-quality work on time and according to the agreed-upon specifications. Maintain clear communication with the client throughout the project.
  5. Get Paid: Once the client approves your work, you'll receive payment securely through Wizer's platform.
  • Service Provider: A registered freelancer on the Wizer platform.
  • Project: A specific task or service a client requests on the Wizer platform
  • Proposal: A freelancer's offer to complete a project, outlining their approach, timeline, and pricing
  • Portfolio: A showcase of a freelancer’s past work and achievements, demonstrating their skills and experience.
  • Certifications: Government or private organization accreditations that verify a freelancer’s qualifications and expertise.
  • Reviews: Feedback left by clients on a freelancer’s profile, reflecting their experience with the freelancer's work.
  • Categories: Broad classifications of services offered on the platform (e.g. design, marketing).
  • Subcategories: More specific divisions within categories (e.g., content writing, graphic design, social media marketing).
  • Keywords: Words or phrases used to search for specific services on the platform.

By understanding these terms and the platform's workflow, you can effectively utilise Wizer as either a client seeking local talent or a freelancer offering your services.

Account Security

Answer: Always use a strong and unique password. Never send your password via email or text message.

Answer: Change your password immediately and contact our support team for further assistance. They can help you secure your account and investigate the issue.

Payment Information

Answer: Go to your "Order Review" section in profile settings. You can add secure payment methods like credit cards or debit cards to facilitate transactions on the platform.

Answer: Yes, you can edit or remove your payment methods at any time in your "Order Review" section.

Answer: Wizer uses industry-standard security measures to protect your payment information. We do not store your full credit card details on our servers.


Answer: In your profile settings, you can adjust your notification preferences for things like project updates, messages, and account activity. Choose which notifications you want to receive and how you prefer to receive them (email, SMS,etc.).

Answer: While unsubscribing from all notifications isn't recommended, you can customize your settings to receive only the most relevant updates.

Verification and Certification

Answer: The verification process may involve submitting your identity proof, and professional licenses, or completing specific training programs depending on your service category. Check our Help Center for detailed information on verification requirements for your field.

Answer: Verified Wizers enjoy increased visibility and trust on the platform,potentially attracting more clients. Some clients might specifically search for verified service providers.

Answer: Upload relevant certification documents during the verification process or add them to your "Experience" section with details like issuing organization and validity period.

How do I create a Wizer account?

Signing Up

Answer: Yes, an email address is required for registration and communication purposes.

Answer: You'll need your email address, a strong password, your name (or business name if applicable), and a brief description of your experience or desired services.

Answer: Yes, when signing up, choose whether you're joining as a "Service Seeker" seeking services or a "Service Provider" offering services.

Answer: Currently, switching account types directly isn't possible. However, you can create separate accounts for each role if needed.


Answer: Ensure you have a stable internet connection. Double-check your email address and password for spelling mistakes. If the issue persists, contact Wizer support for assistance.

Answer: Check your spam folder or try requesting a new confirmation email. If you still don't receive it,contact Wizer support.

Answer: Click "Forgot Password" on the login page and enter your registered email address. We'll send you a link to reset your password.

Accessing my account

Having trouble logging in to your Wizer account? Don't worry, we've got you covered! This article will help you identify the reason behind your access issue and guide you towards a solution.

Possible Reasons for Access Issues:

  • Account Deactivation: Did you intentionally deactivate your account through the settings page? If so, you'll need to reactivate it.
  • Incorrect Login Credentials: Double-check your email and password for typos. Ensure you're using the same credentials you registered with.
  • Account Suspension: In rare cases, Wizer may suspend accounts due to policy violations. Check your email for any notifications regarding suspension and follow the instructions provided to resolve the issue.

Restricted Accounts:

If your account is temporarily restricted, you still have access to certain functionalities:

  • Complete Ongoing Orders: Finish any projects already in progress with clients.
  • Review Order History: Analyze your past projects and transactions.

Still Facing Issues?

If you've gone through these steps and are still having trouble accessing your account, don't hesitate to contact our friendly Wizer support team. They'll be happy to assist you further.

Remember, the Wizer team is here to help! We strive to provide a smooth and secure platform for all users.

Suspended Accounts

Your Wizer account could be suspended for various reasons, including

  • Violating Wizer's Terms of Service or Community Guidelines: This includes actions like spamming, harassment, fraud, copyright infringement, or unprofessional behaviour.
  • Security concerns: If suspicious activity is detected on your account, it may be suspended for investigation.
  • Non-payment of fees: If you have outstanding service fees or billing issues, your account may be temporarily suspended until resolved.

If your account is suspended, you'll receive a notification via email or within the app explaining the reason for the suspension.

The steps for reinstatement depend on the reason for the suspension.

  • Terms of Service or Community Guidelines violation: Carefully review the notification and follow any instructions provided. You may need to take corrective actions, apologize, or appeal the decision if you believe it's a mistake.
  • Security concerns: Contact Wizer support immediately to resolve the issue. They may ask you to verify your identity or change your password.
  • Non-payment of fees: Settle any outstanding payments to regain access.

If your account remains suspended after addressing the issue, it may be permanently deleted. You'll receive further notification about this action and any potential consequences.

Deactivating Your Account

The deactivating your account option is directly available within the app. Go to the account section, then click on Deactivation under Account Management

Important notes:

  • Deleting your account will remove your profile, listings, reviews, and all associated data. This action is irreversible.
  • Before contacting support, ensure you've settled any outstanding payments and resolved any open projects with clients
  • Wizer may ask you to confirm your request and provide the reason for deletion

Contacting Wizer Support

  • Navigate to the Wizer Help Center on the app or website.
  • Search for relevant keywords like "account deactivation”.
  • If no helpful articles are found, select "Contact Us" or a similar option to submit a support ticket.
  • Clearly explain your request and provide any necessary details

Remember, contacting Wizer support is crucial for handling suspended accounts or requesting deactivation. They can provide specific guidance and assist you through the process.

  • Buying on Wizer

How Wizer Works

Find Services & Getting Quotes

Use our powerful search bar with keywords, categories, or subcategories. You can also go to the search bar icon below and choose from the mentioned categories.

Check out their profile information, including experience, skills, portfolio, and client reviews. Wizer also verifies seller identities for added security.

Be as specific as possible about your project scope, timeline, budget, and any special requirements. The more details you provide, the better sellers can tailor their quotes.

Compare quotes, and consider seller qualifications, reviews, and communication style. Don't hesitate to ask follow-up questions to clarify any doubts

Browsing and searching are free! Fees only apply when you accept a quote and move forward with a project.

We encourage clients to leave detailed reviews, which helps build trust and ensures accountability. We also offer secure payment options and dispute-resolution tools. For any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly Wizer support team!

Get Matched with Sellers

Find the right Providers. Right When You Need Them.

Wizer actively connects you with sellers perfectly suited to your specific needs. Here's how it works:

  1. You create a detailed brief outlining your project requirements.
  2. Our algorithm analyzes your brief and matches you with providers based on:
    • Their expertise and experience in your field.
    • Your project's specific needs and requirements.

This new approach ensures you receive highly relevant proposals from sellers perfectly qualified to handle your project

Save time and effort. Forget sifting through countless profiles - you get a curated list of highly relevant sellers perfectly matched to your project's needs and expertise.

Details matter! The more comprehensive your brief, the better we can match you with the perfect provider. Don't hesitate to fill out all fields, required and optional, and be as clear and concise as possible.

Once you submit it, we'll review it quickly to ensure it meets our guidelines. Then we connect you with compatible providers based on their expertise and your needs.

Some providers jump in quickly, while others take a bit longer to craft their proposals. We can't give an exact timeframe, but rest assured, we're working to bring you the best options fast.

Referral Program

Share Wizer, earn rewards!

  1. Invite a friend: Share your unique referral link with friends or family.
  2. They get a discount: When your friend signs up through your link and makes their first purchase, they receive a discount.
  3. You earn a bonus based on the amount of your first purchase.

Here is what you need to do–

  1. Log in and click "Invite a Friend" under your username.
  2. Choose how to invite friends:
    • Social Media: Share your unique link on Facebook, WhatsApp etc.
  3. Preview your referral email (optional).
  4. Friends who sign up using your link and make their first purchase will get a discount.


  • Discounts and bonuses are capped per referral.
  • It may take two days for rewards to be processed.
  • Ensure friends sign up with your unique link (existing accounts or non-linked signups won't qualify).

Spread the word and earn rewards!

Can I refer a friend to Wizer using the mobile app?

Yes! You can easily refer friends through the Wizer app (Android or iOS):

By referring friends through the app, you both benefit:

  • Your friends get a whopping discount on their first purchase
  • Payment & Withdrawals


Paying for Orders, Extras, or Custom Offers

Paying for an Order
  1. Click "Continue" on the chosen Gig (category).
  2. Select the Package.
  3. Click "Order Now" to proceed to payment.
  4. Choose your preferred payment method.
  5. Enter any discount code you have (optional).
  6. Review the order details:
    • Order Total
    • Taxes and fees (if applicable)
  7. Confirm to complete your order.

You can communicate with the seller after choosing the respective service and the seller

Paying for Custom Offers

When a seller sends you a custom offer or quote, you'll see a relevant button (e.g., "Accept Offer") to complete the purchase

The funds will be allocated based on the offering context:

  • Existing Order: If the offer is for an existing order, the funds will be added to that specific order.
  • New Offer: If it's a completely new offer (not related to an existing order), your payment will create a new order page on Wizer

Promo Codes

Using Promo Codes on Wizer

If you receive a promo code, you can apply it during the checkout process and receive a discount.

Look for the "Promo code" section on the payment page during checkout. It might be labelled "Discount code" or similar.

Once you find the section, carefully type in your code and click "Apply" or a similar button. This will activate the code and update your order total if applicable.

There are several reasons why your code might not work. Check for typos, ensure the code is still valid, and verify if it meets any minimum purchase requirements

Promo codes may have specific terms and conditions, including expiration dates or minimum purchase amounts. Always read and understand these terms before applying the code.

Troubleshooting promo code errors

Promo codes may have specific terms and conditions, including expiration dates or minimum purchase amounts. Always read and understand these terms before applying the code.

A: There are a few reasons why your promo code might not be working:

  • Did you click "Apply" after entering the code? Entering the code alone isn't enough. You need to click the "Apply" button to activate it.
  • Is the code still valid? Promo codes can have expiration dates. Make sure your code is still active before using it.
  • Does the code meet any minimum purchase requirements? Some codes only apply if your order reaches a certain amount. Check the code's terms and conditions for details.

Promo codes cannot be applied to:

  • Orders already created: You can only use them during checkout for new orders.

The terms and conditions associated with each promo code will usually be provided when you receive the code or find it advertised. This information will detail any limitations or specific requirements for using the code.

The terms and conditions associated with each promo code will usually be provided when you receive the code or find it advertised. This information will detail any limitations or specific requirements for using the code.

Payment Issues

There are several reasons

  • Pending transactions: Your bank might temporarily hold the funds even if the payment fails on Wizer. This usually resolves within 2-7 days.
  • Incorrect information: Double-check your card details and ensure your card is valid and has sufficient funds.
  • Card limitations: Your card might have spending limits that prevent the transaction. Contact your bank to verify.
  • Verify your card information and validity.
  • Check for card spending limits
  • Contact your bank to confirm payments are allowed.
  • Try an alternative payment method
  • Reattempt the payment once.
  • Avoid using browser "back" buttons or refreshing the checkout page.
  • Contact your bank for payment-specific questions.
  • Review Wizer’s article on "Payment methods" for accepted options.

This can happen due to:

  • Accidental refreshing or using the "back" button during checkout.
  • Pressing the payment button multiple times.

Contact Wizer’s Customer Support if you've tried all these solutions and your payment still fails.

Payment Methods

Wizer Payment Options

A.Wizer offers secure and convenient payment options for both businesses and freelancers, including major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay for on-the-go transactions, and the trusted Stripe platform for seamless processing.

Yes, but only if you don't use it regularly:

Our system automatically removes unused payment methods after 4 months of inactivity. This helps ensure security and streamline the checkout process.

We're exploring ways to improve the Wizer payment experience.

Yes, but only if you don't use it regularly:

Our system automatically removes unused payment methods after 4 months of inactivity. This helps ensure security and streamline the checkout process.

What is a service fee?

Service fees are charges added to your purchase at checkout. They cover administrative costs associated with processing your order.

You'll be charged a service fee on

  • The main purchase price of your service category.
  • The main purchase price of your service category.
  • Any tip(s) you leave for the providers.

No, service fees are mandatory and cannot be waived. However, you can see the total amount including fees before confirming your purchase.

For detailed information and examples, refer to Wizer’s official page on payment terms


Invoices are issued for all purchases and cancellations on Wizer. They help you track your transactions: withdrawals, deposits, and taxes.

  • Service Seekers: You'll receive earnings (invoices) for orders, cancellations, and service fees.
  • Service Providers: You'll receive invoices for service fees.
  • Go to your profile> Earnings > View Details.
  • You can easily track your transaction details through chat history or by directly visiting your profile

Billing address to verify the authorised use of your card.

Contact Wizer Customer Support and provide your order number(s) and timeframe (e.g., month/year).


Your Order List

  • Smooth navigation: The page is more organized and intuitive.
  • Main stats overview: View key stats for past, present, and future earnings and expenses.
  • Available funds: See your balance for withdrawals.
  • Future payments: Track payments being cleared and for active orders.
  • Earnings to date: See your history, filtered by year, month, or since joining.
    • Earnings: Shows cleared payments and customer support compensations.

Selling on Wizer

How to Start Selling on Wizer

Wizer, based in the UAE, functions as a freelance platform, with a focus on local talent and verified service providers.

  • Create a Provider profile: This serves as your introduction to the community, so ensure it's professional and informative. Note: If you signed up through the mobile app, complete this step on your desktop later.
  • Verify your account: New freelancers may need to provide additional information for verification purposes, contributing to a secure platform for everyone.
  • Create your Gig: This is your service offering, where you can showcase your talents and provide details to attract seekers.
  • Add a Portfolio: It adds a personal touch and makes you stand out.
  • Offer packages: This provides buyers with different service options and potentially increases your order value.
  • Send custom offers: Be proactive and propose your services to potential clients.

Wizer offers a course specifically designed to help you succeed as an online freelancer. This course, created by top Wizer service providers, provides valuable insights into the platform, Gig creation, attracting clients, project management, and delivery.

By taking advantage of these resources and learning from others' experiences, you can establish a successful freelance career on Wizer.

Creating Your Service Provider Profile

Your seller profile is your way to introduce yourself to potential clients on Wizer. It's like a digital resume or portfolio that showcases your skills, experience, and professionalism.

  1. Go to "I am a Service Provider" if you haven't already.
  2. Complete the Onboarding process
  3. Fill in your personal and professional information:
    • Step 1: Personal Info: Enter your full name (private).
    • Step 2: Professional Info:
      • Occupation: Select your expertise and relevant skills (up to 2 categories and 5 skills).
      • Profile Picture: Add a picture of yourself or your company logo (original image, not someone else's).
      • Skills: Add up skills to highlight your expertise. You can suggest skills not listed.
      • Description: Write an introduction about yourself, highlighting your expertise and projects.
      • Education: Select where and when you attended college (optional: suggest diploma not listed).
      • Languages: Select the languages you speak and your fluency level.
      • Certifications: List your awards, certifications, and honours (optional: suggest certifications not listed).
      • Freelance Licence: Attach your freelance licence for profile verification.
  4. Click "Continue" after each step.
  5. Verify your email and phone number.
  6. Click "Continue & Create Your First Gig" when finished.

Important notes:

  • Complete at least 60% of your profile for it to be published.
  • You need to link at least one account and verify your phone number.

PRO tips

  • Use keywords relevant to your services in your profile
  • Proofread your profile carefully before publishing it.
  • Keep your profile updated with your latest information and skills.

Your seller profile is your way to introduce yourself to potential clients on Wizer. It's like a digital resume or portfolio that showcases your skills, experience, and professionalism.

Using your Wizer Provider profile

A provider profile is your online storefront, showcasing your skills, experience, and personality to potential clients.

A strong profile helps you stand out from other freelancers and attract the clients you want. It builds trust and credibility and helps clients understand who you are and what you can offer.

  • Add a professional picture: Use a clear headshot or your company logo.
  • Craft a compelling one-liner: Briefly describe your skills and experience in 60-70 characters.
  • Showcase your certifications: Highlight relevant awards and qualifications
  • Write a captivating "About Me" section: Share your story, passions, and expertise
  • Tag your relevant skills: Use keywords to help clients find you.
  • Feature your top clients (optional): Build trust by showcasing past collaborations.
  • Curate a portfolio: Display your best work to demonstrate your skills.

The estimated total time can vary depending on the depth you want and your writing speed

  • Keep your profile up-to-date with your latest information and skills.
  • Proofread carefully for any spelling or grammar errors.
  • Use keywords throughout your profile to improve search visibility.
  • Highlight the value you bring to projects and companies.
  • Be specific about your experience and expertise.
  • Only list skills that accurately reflect your capabilities.
  • Only list skills that accurately reflect your capabilities

By following these tips and completing your profile thoughtfully, you can increase your chances of success as a freelancer.

Order Management

Order FAQs

Delivery Time Extension

Yes, you can request a delivery time extension by communicating directly with your buyer through the Wizer ‘Chats’. Be sure to explain the reason for the extension and propose a revised timeline. Gaining the buyer's approval is crucial before proceeding.

It's best to notify the buyer as soon as possible, preferably before the original deadline approaches. This allows them to adjust their plans accordingly and minimizes any potential inconvenience.

While not always required, providing relevant documentation supporting your reason for needing an extension can strengthen your request. This could include screenshots, confirmation emails, or any other proof that justifies the delay

Typically, there are no penalties for requesting an extension. However, frequent extensions or unreasonable requests may negatively impact your reputation and buyer satisfaction.

If the buyer declines your request, you are still obligated to complete the order by the original deadline. However, you can try negotiating an alternative solution, like a partial delivery or adjusted scope of work.

Order Requirements General Information

Mandatory information typically includes project title, category, budget, and delivery timeframe. However, specific requirements may vary depending on the service you're purchasing.

Yes, most Wizer orders allow you to attach files like reference documents, images, or detailed instructions. This helps freelancers understand your vision and expectations better.

Be specific about:

  • Tasks and deliverables: Clearly list what needs to be done and the desired outcome.
  • Skills and expertise: Specify the required skillset and experience for the project.
  • Timeline: Establish a realistic timeframe for project completion.
  • Reference materials: Include any relevant materials for guidance.

Minor modifications are often possible, especially before the freelancer starts working. However, significant changes might require renegotiating the project scope and price with the freelancer.

If the buyer requests revisions, they must detail their feedback and proposed changes through the Chats. You then have the opportunity to address their concerns and revise your work accordingly.

The number of revisions included varies by project. It's crucial to review the service details before placing your order to understand the revision policy.

If, despite revisions, disagreements persist, Wizer offers mediation services to help resolve the dispute and reach a mutually acceptable solution.

Yes, Wizer offers a mediation service to help resolve disputes between buyers and sellers. Trained mediators facilitate communication and guide both parties towards a fair and amicable solution.

Clearly outline your project scope and revision policy within your order requirements. This helps set expectations and manage potential conflicts before they arise.

Clearly outline your project scope and revision policy within your order requirements. This helps set expectations and manage potential conflicts before they arise.

Reviews and ratings

Wizer uses a weighted average system to calculate reviews and ratings. Recent reviews typically carry more weight than older ones.

Once submitted, reviews and ratings are typically final and cannot be edited or removed. However, under certain circumstances (e.g., factual errors or inappropriate content), you can contact Wizer support for assistance.

Positive reviews and ratings can increase your profile visibility and attract more clients, while negative feedback can potentially deter potential buyers. Building a strong reputation through consistent quality work and professional communication is key to success on Wizer.

Provide a balanced and honest review that highlights the freelancer's/Service Provider’s:

  • Skills and expertise
  • Communication and responsiveness
  • Quality of work and adherence to deadlines
  • Overall professionalism and experience

Yes, Wizer allows you to report reviews that violate their community guidelines, such as those containing offensive language, false information, or personal attacks.

Reviews for Cancelled Orders

Not all cancelled orders are eligible for reviews. You can only leave a review if the order was cancelled:

  • More than 24 hours after the delivery deadline
  • Due to the seller's unresponsiveness (no answer for more than 24 hours).
  • After a delivery was provided by the seller.

No, first-time buyers cannot leave reviews for any cancelled orders.

Review Process

Once eligible, you will receive a notification and instructions on how to leave a review for the cancelled order. This process will likely be similar to leaving a review for a completed order in your Wizer account.

While leaving a review, focus on the cancellation process, communication with the seller, and the impact it had on your experience. Avoid including personal attacks, offensive language, or confidential information.