5 Skills to Learn in Your First Month as a Freelancer

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Are looking for a freelance jobs or want to build your career as a freelancer ? And you don’t know which set of skills or expertise will help you stand out from the crowd. Having a proper set of experience and showing that as a brownie point is so 2020, wake up people! It can be overwhelming while taking the first step, and you may not know how to start or from which point. Standing in flexible times, you cannot act as a solo player; you have to be the coach of your own to take an operation from the zero level. Whether you are doing it just for passion or you have a passion for it, these skills are the first you need to grasp as a newbie in the market. Here are the First 30 Days of Freelancing—a complete survival brick-by-brick guide on how you can sharpen these five skills. 

1. Build Your Network

 Linked-in-like platforms are always a go-to destination to increase your network with a well-updated profile and bio to attract as many clients as you want. From the word go, whether you use Wizer or any freelancing platform, prioritize your social media appearance as one of the first to-do tasks to boost your network in return. THIS IS A COMPLETELY WRONG WAY TO THINK THAT NETWORKING IS JUST A MEANS OF SHOWING YOUR CONTENT. 

 Rather, it has become a skill that you need to explore, relearn, and unlearn. Here’s how:  

  1. Level up your existing network: Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth referrals. Reach out to friends, family, and former colleagues who may know of potential clients needing your services. Share your career transition and inquire if they can connect you with relevant individuals or companies
  2. Join relevant social media groups: As mentioned earlier, a social media group or community from where you are coming from sometimes matters too. Clients or service seekers check on you and your connections to find something in common. This trick makes it easy to convince the client (and build your reputation in return) that you have shown some spine.

2. Learn to Master AI tools 

Tools like Gemini and ChatGPT are flourishing, so why not minimize your tasks of the day by half? It does not mean to submit yourself to these automated tools. It rather means to be adaptable and ready for whatever situation your clients will approach you with. We asked Gemini how a freelancer uses these power tools: “As a freelancer, what are the best ways to use Gemini or ChatGPT?” And this is what they replied:  

Content Creation and Ideation:

This is how content creation works while using AI tools:

  1. Researching and summarizing factual topics: To gather relevant information on a specific topic you need to write about, saving you research time.
  2. Creating outlines and drafts: To generate a basic outline or draft based on your chosen topic and keywords, helping you organize your thoughts and overcome writer’s block.
  3. Brainstorming creative content formats: Explore different ways to present your content by prompting ChatGPT or Gemini to brainstorm creative formats like scripts. 

NOTE: It is crucial to fact-check any information generated by these models, especially from ChatGPT, as their accuracy cannot be guaranteed, particularly for factual topics.

Communication and Client Interaction

While both models can generate different writing styles and tones, they are not currently suitable for direct client communication or interaction. Their responses may lack the necessary context, nuance, and emotional intelligence needed for professional communication. It’s best to avoid using them for generating emails, proposals, or directly interacting with clients.

Translation and Language Assistance

While both models offer some translation capabilities, their accuracy and fluency are not reliable enough for professional translations. It’s recommended to use professional translation services for any client-facing work.

On the final point, your expertise, creativity, and human touch are irreplaceable in delivering high-quality work for your service seekers. 

3. Time is Money

Develop strong time management skills to meet deadlines consistently. Use project management tools and scheduling techniques to stay organized and avoid last-minute scrambling. Build buffer periods into your timelines to account for unforeseen circumstances and ensure timely project completion.

4. Multiskilling is an ART

This means you have to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Identify opportunities to add value to your core offering by providing complementary services. For example, a web designer could offer content writing services or basic SEO optimization as an add-on to their website development package. Remember, the initial freelancing journey is filled with both challenges and rewards. Embrace the learning curve, keep honing your skills, and approach every project with dedication and professionalism. 

5. WordPress Design 

Did you know designing your website ticks a client’s pre-requirements? One of the most effective and quickest ways that can be used to create websites through WordPress is made available for those who are interested. Another great thing about WordPress is that it’s very cheap to generate a website, which is a means to show your portfolio. You can also start building your freelance career in WordPress by doing WordPress theme designing, complex website development, online store development, etc. Building a website never goes less in demand, thus you can always count on this skill as a start to your freelancing.

Some PRO Tips

Don’t wait for the client to take the next step. After a successful pitch and negotiation, demonstrate your enthusiasm for the project and your commitment to delivering exceptional results. Use clear and concise communication to propose the next steps, such as sending a contract or proposal outlining the project details and timeline.

Know your worth. Thoroughly research industry standards and freelance rates for your specific skills and experience. This knowledge empowers you to set competitive prices accordingly and negotiate from a position of strength.

Evaluate projects through a strategic lens. Not all projects are created equal. Before accepting a project, consider how it aligns with your long-term goals and target audience. Does it showcase the skills you want to be known for? Does it contribute to building a strong portfolio that attracts your ideal clients?

Take a Deep Breath.

Dear fellow freelancers, embrace the hustle. Buckle up for your first 30 days of freedom and challenge. There will be bumps, but every lesson learned takes you closer to building the freelance career you dream of. You’ve got the skills and the spirit to make this work. 

 Go out there and make your mark!

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